Chinese Language Program

I. Length of program

0.5 -- 4 academic years

II. Overview

The program provides different courses at seven levels according to students’ Chinese proficiency, namely, Beginner Course, Elementary Course, Intermediate Course I, Intermediate Course II, Intermediate Course III, Advanced Course I, and Advanced Course II. We stick to the principle of small-sized classes so as to open up possibilities and opportunities forall students to acquire good instruction and participate in classroom activities. Our foreign friends, with no or a certain Chinese language foundations, are welcomed to apply for the program.

III. Application Documents

1.Academic Certificate of highest education or Certificate of Enrollment (in Chinese or English).

2.A photocopy of the passport photo page.

3.A Letter from the Guardian is required if the applicant is under 18 years old.

IV. Program Objective

Beginner Course

Grasp 300 core words, Be able to make simple daily conversation and finish the task of short-length writing.

Elementary Course

Grasp 800 core words. Be able to make daily conversation frequently and finish the task of moderate-length writing.

Intermediate Courses

Grasp 1000-3000 core words. Be able to make barrier-free daily communication, read newspapers and magazines, and finish the task of long-length writing.

Advanced Courses

Be able to make barrier-free communication, make in-depth discussions on particular topics, read newspapers and magazines, understand TV shows and write essays in Chinese.

V. Curriculum

1. Chinese Language

Comprehensive Chinese Instruction, Conversation, Listening, Chinese Characters’ Reading and Writing, Pronunciation Correction, Reading, Applied Composition, Audio-Visual-Oral , Chinese IdiomsNew words and expressions, HSK Test Tutoring (Level IV, V and VI), etc.

2. Chinese Culture

Traveling in China, Film Appreciation, Taiji Quan, Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, Chinese Songs, Chinese Cuisine, etc.

Note: A student is allowed to chose up to 25 class periods per week.

VI. Certificate

Certificate of Chinese Language Study at Heilongjiang University

VII. Tuition and Fees

1.Registration fees

260 CNY


6500 CNY per semester

3. Dorm fees

Campus A

Twin room ( sharing public bathroom) 21 CNY per day

Twin room (with bathroom) 33 CNY per day

Campus C

Twin room (with shower) 35CNY per day

Twin room (with bathtub) 39 CNY per day

4. Insurance Premium

400 CNY for every semester

VIII. Start Time for the Semesters

Early March or Early September

IX. Application Deadlines

December 30th for the enrollment in next March

June 30th for the enrollment in September

X. Whom to Contact

International Student Admission Office,

Institute of International Culture and Education,

Heilongjiang University

No. 74 Xuefu Road, Nangang District, Harbin, China, 150080

Telephone : +86-451-86609033



Online Application:

附件【担保书Letter from the Guardian.doc