The Chinese Government Scholarship --- Heilongjiang University Program


The Chinese Government Scholarship ---- Heilongjiang University Program

In order to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and people from all over the world, and to develop exchanges and cooperation between China and the rest of the world in the fields of politics, economy, culture, education, economy and trade, the Chinese government has established various scholarship programs to sponsor students, teachers and scholars from all over the world to to study and engage in research activities in Chinese universities. International students who have received Chinese government scholarships (hereinafter referred to as "scholarship students") will be arranged to study related majors in science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, economics, law, management, education, history, literature, philosophy, etc. The Ministry of Education of China formulates the annual plan for Chinese government scholarships, and entrusts the China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as the “CSC”) to be responsible for the enrollment of scholarship students and the management of daily affairs in China. China warmly welcomes outstanding young students, scholars and teachers from all over the world to study and carry out research work in Chinese institutions of higher learning.

The University Postgraduate Program was established in 2014 to serve the strategic goal of building world-class universities and first-class disciplines, to give full play to the Chinese government scholarship to attract high-level international students from around the world, and to cultivate international professional leaders who meet our strategic needs. , to comprehensively promote the construction and development of "double first-class" colleges and universities, and provide talent guarantee for the coordinated development of national strategies and internationalization of colleges and universities.

The project adopts the principle of "individual application, college recommendation, expert review, and merit-based admission" to select international students with excellent scientific background, professional ability and future development potential. Qualified Chinese government scholarship schools can recommend candidates who meet the program requirements, and the final admission result is subject to the expert review results.

The funding category of "University Postgraduate Program" is fully funded(and international travel expenses are borne by yourself). The admission categories are master's and doctoral students.

1. Categories of applicants and duration of scholarship


duration of     scholarship

duration of Chinese preparatory course

Enrolment time

Deadline for application

Master’s degree

2-3 years

1 academic year


March 31st

Doctoral degree

3-4 years

1 academic year


March 31st

2. Application channels and application time

Applicants should apply on the Chinese Government Scholarship Application Website before March 31 of the current year.

Online registration system:

Type of study abroad program: B Accepting institution number: 10212

3. Scholarship Coverage

The scholarship covers tuition waiver, accommodation, stipend, and comprehensive medical insurance.

The stipend that a scholarship recipient will receive directly at HLJU on a monthly basis is:

Master’s students: CNY3,000 per month;

Doctoral students: CNY3,500 per month.

Comprehensive medical insurance for all scholarship recipients are uniformly purchased by MOE.

4. Eligibility

An applicant must:

(1) be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China, and be in good health.

(2) be a bachelor’s degree holder and no more than 35 years old when applying for the master’s programs; be a master’s degree holder and no more than 40 years old when applying for the doctoral programs.

(3)be with excellent academic achievements (scoring higher than 75 % in each examnation)

(4)be with excellent capacity for scientific research.

(5)not be granted another scholarship.

(6) Applicants must have obtained a score of 180 in HSK Level 4 in the Chinese HSK Test within two years at least when applying. Applicants who have not obtained a score of 180 in HSK Level 5 will need to study Chinese preparation course for one year after coming to the school, and can enter the professional study only after they have obtained a score of 180 in HSK Level 5.

4. Programs of HLJU for your choice

Master's degree (2-3 years):


*Chinese International Education

* Diplomacy


* Communication

*Tourism management

*International Trade

*Corporate Management

*Applied Economics



*International Relations


*Religious Studies

*Management philosophy




Doctoral degree (3 years):

*Marxist Philosophy

*Management philosophy

*Religious Studies

* Civil and Commercial Law

*Economic Law

*Law and Economics

*Chinese Philology

*Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature

*Comparative Literature and World Literature

*Inorganic Chemistry

*Organic Chemistry

*Physical Chemistry

*Resource Chemistry

* Polymer Chemistry and Physics

*Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics

*Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics




A. Please contact the Admissions Office of the International Students of HLJU directly if you want to register for a program that is not included in this list. But you cannot choose your first language and English, French and other foreign languages as your major.

B. Scholarship recipients can apply for preparatory course exemption if they have a valid HSK Certificate of Level 5 scoring 180 or above. Other Scholarship recipients are required to take one-year preparatory courses at our university and those who get HSK Certificate of Level 5 scoring 180 or above after preparatory courses are able to move on to their major studies.

5. Where to Apply

International Student Admission Office,

(Room 3209) Institute of International Culture and Education,

Heilongjiang University

Telephone: 86-451-86609033


Fax: +86-451-86648114


Address:  No. 74 Xuefu Road, Nangang District, Harbin, China, 150080

6. When to Apply:

From December 15th to next March 31st

7. Application Procedure

Please notice the following instructions before applying:

A.Only applications of recommended candidates from designated Chinese universities will be reviewed by CSC.

B. HLJU Program category: B

C. HLJU Agency number: 10212

Step 1 –Contact our university first.

Step 2 - Complete the online application procedure at CGS Information Management System for International Students (Visit, submit online the completed Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship, and print a hard copy and sign it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for the instructions of the CGS Information Management System for International Students and any other help that you need.

Step 3 - Submit the application documents to the International Student Admissions Office of the HLJU before the deadline for registration.


Only applications of recommended candidates from designated Chinese universities will be reviewed by CSC.

8. Application Documents (in duplicate: one set of the original and one set of the copying )

(1) Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship written in Chinese or English and

with your signature.

(2)Notarized highest diploma

Prospective diploma recipients must submit official document issued by their current school to

prove your current student status and expected graduation date. Those who are in-service

employees should submit reference letter from their employers. Documents in languages other

than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

(3) Academic transcripts

Transcripts must be written in Chinese or English. Transcripts written in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

(4) A Study Plan or Research Proposal

This should be a minimum of 1000 words written in Chinese or English and with your signature.

(5)Two Recommendation Letters

You are required to submit two recommendation letters written in Chinese or English signed by professors or associate professors.

(6)A photocopy of your passport photo page

(7) A photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form

The original copy will be kept by yourself and the form is uniformly printed by Chinese Healthy Quarantine Departments. It must be written in English and can be downloaded from or We attach a sample below as Appendix I.

The physical examinations must cover all of the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete forms or forms without the signature of the attending physician, or the official stamp of the hospital, or a sealed photograph of the applicant are considered as invalid. Please carefully plan your physical examination schedule as the result is valid for only 6 months.

(8) The copy of valid HSK Certificate (if available)

(9) No criminal record or no criminal record commitment letter (see Annex 2)


You should submit two sets of bound documents to our university before March 31st . You should inform and consult us if you have or meet special difficulties in sending us any piece of the documents on time. Please understand that no application documents will be returned.

9. Scholarship Confirmation

(1) HLJU reviews the application documents to decides the nominated candidates and send their documents to CSC.

(2) The CSC reviews eligibility and qualifications of nominated candidates, approves the List of Scholarship Recipients, and sends the admission documents to HLJU.

(3) HLJU will send the Admission Letter , Admission Guide and Visa Application for Study in China (JW201)) to scholarship recipients in early July.

(4) CSC reserves the rights to decide the host university for scholarship recipients with multiple offers. Each scholarship recipient—even when admitted by multiple universities—will be granted no more than one scholarship.

(5) Scholarship recipients should arrive and enroll at HLJU at the time written on the Admission Letter and generally shall not be allowed to change to another host university, field of study, or duration of study stipulated on the Admission Letter after their coming to China. Scholarship will not be retained if scholarship recipient cannot register before the registration deadline.

(6) You can log on check and enquire about the progress and result.

10.When to enroll at HLJU

Early September (the date will be written on the Admission Letter)

For further information, please log on :

(1) (CGS Homepage)

(2) Government Scholarship Information System---registration)

(3) Government Scholarship Information System--Sign in and apply)

Appendix 1










Date   of birth




Present   mailing address


Blood   type




Birth   Place


                            Have you ever had any of the following disease?

Each   item must be   answered “Yes” or “No”

斑疹伤寒Typhus fever            □No □Yes   菌痢Bacillary     dysentery     □No □Yes

小儿麻痹症Poliomyelitis         □No □Yes     布氏杆菌Brucellosis           □No □Yes

白喉   Diphtheria                   □No □Yes   病毒性肝炎Viral   hepatitis     □No □Yes

猩红热Scarlet   fever             □No □Yes   产褥期链球菌Puerperal   streptococcus infection

回归热Relapsing   fever         □No   □Yes                                    □No □Yes

伤寒和副伤寒Typhoid and paratyphoid fever     □No □Yes

流行性脑脊髓膜炎Epidemic cerebrospinal   meningitis   □No   □Yes


Do   you have   any of the following disease or disorders endangering the   public order and   security?

Each     item must be answered “Yes” or “No”

毒物瘾Toxicomania-------------------------------------------------------------------------------□No □Yes

精神错乱Mental   confusion---------------------------------------------□No □Yes

精神病 Psychosis:狂躁型Manic   psychosis-------------------------------------------------□No □Yes

妄想型Paranoid   psychosis-------------------------------------------□No □Yes

幻觉型Hallucinatory   psychosis-----------------------□No □Yes


Height                cm




Blood     pressure







视力 L

Vision     R

矫正视力 L

Corrected   vision    R



Color   sense




Lymph   node














Nervous   system


Other   abnormal findings



Chest     X—ray exam

(Attached     chest X-ray Report)





Laboratory   Exam

(Attached     test report of

AIDS,     Syphilis etc.)


None   of the   following diseases or disorders found during the present   examination

Cholera                                         Venereal

黄热病 Yellow   fever                                   开放性肺结核     Opening lung tuberculosis

    Plague                                       AIDS

    Leprosy                                         Psychosis

意见 检查单位盖章

Suggestion                                                              Official Stamp

医师签字 日期

Signature   of   physician                                                   Date