Since 1981, near 10000 international students have studied at Heilongjiang University. Heilongjiang University is the only center for the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language in Heilongjiang Province. Heilongjiang University is an appointed institution for conducting HSK Chinese Proficiency Examinations. It is also able to admit international students under the Chinese government scholarship program approved by the Education Department.

Popular Programs: Chinese Language, International Economy and Trade, English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Automation, Computer Science and Technology, Law, Tourism Management, History, Electronic Commerce, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Engineering, History and Culture, etc. The two programs of Chinese and International Economy and Trade can accept international students who have no basis in the Chinese language. The institute provides some facilities only used by international students, for example, classrooms, audio-visual classrooms, computer rooms, reference rooms, kitchen rooms, a dining hall, a gymnasium and dormitories. Each dormitory is equipped with a bathroom, a refrigerator, a telephone, a high-speed internet line, a television etc. During non-study time, the institute schedules visits to surrounding areas of interest and also recreational activities that not only build up students’ health, but also complement their studies and promote friendships.

Heilongjiang University is a scholarship recipient institution and can accept Chinese Government Scholarships (including Shanghai Cooperation Organization University Special Scholarship, “Silk Road Scholarship: Senior Masters Training Program for Economic and Trade Talents”), Confucius Institute Scholarship and Heilongjiang Provincial Government Scholarship.