Heilongjiang Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students in China

Heilongjiang university Admission Guide

To further promote the development of education for international students in Heilongjiang Province, the Heilongjiang Provincial Government has established the " Heilongjiang Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students in China

" (hereinafter referred to as the "Provincial Government Scholarship"). As one of the recipient institutions of the Provincial Government Scholarship, Heilongjiang University welcomes outstanding students from around the world to pursue bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees.

I. Categories and Duration of Enrollment Scholarships

Category Duration Enrollment Time Application Deadline

Undergraduate 4 years September  May 30th

Master's 2-3 years September May 30th

Doctoral 3 years September May 30th


1. The Provincial Government Scholarship does not provide Chinese language remedial courses. Applicants who are admitted must have the required level of Chinese proficiency for their intended major, specifically a score of 180 or above in the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) Level 5.

2. Applicants cannot choose majors in languages other than Chinese, except for translation majors in languages other than English, which are not subject to this restriction.

II. Application Period and Process

Applicants should submit their applications to the International Student Admissions Office of Heilongjiang University by May 30th of the current year. Application materials can be sent to the registration mailbox: studyathlju@hotmail.com.

III. Eligibility of Applicants

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens, in good health, and not concurrently receiving any other scholarship.

2. Applicants must not be current students studying in China (graduates of Chinese universities must have completed their studies for more than one academic year).

3. Academic and age requirements for applicants:

- For bachelor's degree applicants, high school graduation is required, and the age should not exceed 25 years.

- For master's degree applicants, a bachelor's degree is required, and the age should not exceed 35 years.

- For doctoral degree applicants, a master's degree is required, and the age should not exceed 40 years.

IV. Scholarship Coverage

The scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation expenses, and comprehensive medical insurance.

V. Application Materials

Applicants are required to truthfully complete and submit the following application materials:

1. "Application Form for Heilongjiang Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students in China," to be filled out in either Chinese or English.

2. Notarized proof of the highest educational attainment. If the applicant is a current student or employed, they must additionally submit a certification of enrollment issued by their school or a certification of employment issued by their employer. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by notarized translations in Chinese or English.

3. Copy of the passport photo page.

4. Academic transcripts and Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) score report (valid for two years).

5. Study and research plan in China (no less than 800 words), written in Chinese or English and signed by the applicant.

6. For applicants applying for master's or doctoral programs, two recommendation letters from associate professors or above, written in Chinese or English and signed by the recommenders.

7. Copy of the "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" (retain the original). This form is uniformly printed by the Chinese health and quarantine authorities and is only required for applicants studying in China for more than six months. It must be completed in English. Applicants must strictly adhere to the requirements listed in the "Foreigner Physical Examination Form." An incomplete form, lack of applicant's photo or seal, or absence of physician and hospital signatures and seals will render the "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" invalid. The form is valid for six months.

8. Certificate of no criminal record or a commitment letter of no criminal record.

Note: The above-mentioned hardcopy application materials (one original and one copy) must be sent to the International Cultural and Educational College of Heilongjiang University's Office of International Student Admissions before May 30th of the respective year. Regardless of admission outcome, the application materials will not be returned.

VI. Admission and Notification

1. Applicants can inquire about the application process and results via email at studyathlju@hotmail.com.

2. Heilongjiang University is responsible for submitting candidate materials to the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education.

3. Heilongjiang University will E-mail the "Admission Notice," "Registration Instructions," and "Visa Application Form for Study in China" (JW202 form) to the admitted applicants in early July. Students must come to the university to register according to the specified date and time stated in the "Admission Notice."

VII. Contact Information

Mailing Address: No. 74, Xuefu Road, Nangang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, Postal Code: 150080

Office of International Student Admissions, International Cultural and Educational College, Heilongjiang University

Telephone: +86-451-86609033

Email: studyathlju@hotmail.com

Please download the application material attachments from the college's official website: https://hi.hlju.edu.cn/admissions/home.htm